Milan-based Thermore, a premium thermal insulation company for apparel and outerwear, said it has debuted a new product, Ecodown Fibers Light, a buttery soft, ultra-light free fiber insulation designed to meet the current market demands.

Ecodown Fibers Light is 20 percent warmer than comparable products, the company said, in addition to being highly packable for travel, and clump resistant. Its Ecodown Fibers portfolio features five free fiber products that are all made of 100 percent recycled fibers from PET bottles, including a new expanded offering called Ecodown Fibers 2.0, a “super puffy” blown fiber designed for wider baffle widths that avoids overheating, due to its proprietary technology that regulates warmth.

And staying evergreen when sustainability is in shouldn’t be a problem for Thermore — the firm was the first company to launch a sustainable insulation in the Eighties, and is now laser focused on eco-friendly innovation, mostly using the aforementioned recycled polyester fibers, the company said.

Thermore said it opened a new factory in Asia to keep up with demand for its Ecodown Fibers, and recently launched the Ecodown Factory Audit System, with 200 vendors in Asia already being audited through its initiative.

“It is now time to bring the free fiber platform to the next level. Thermore is the first global insulation company in the world to expand blown-in fibers into a full collection, to fulfill most of designers’ needs,” according to Thermore.

The company said it believes blown-in fibers represent the future of the insulation market — and that its proprietary technology will be a key driver for success in this category.


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