Every one is influenced by fashion to some degree. In the era of earlier supermodels, fashion might have been classified by glamour or common culture. Today fashion is quick, trend less, relaxed, and personal. Street fashion as one of the absolute most prominent type of fashion is more of a representation of individuality and lifestyle than of trends in general. Fashion has becoming practically shapeless because social media has offered abundant avenues for people to get to know trends that are happening now. Hollywood stars have their Facebook and Twitter accounts being revised almost every second of their day consisting of what they are wearing at the time. Thus, have Hollywood stars have a major influence in establishing fashion trends. However, today stars are not the only people who can openly express their fashion styles. Blog owners of fashion some of which are not professionals but regular folks, can send their fashion style to the world. In almost an instant, fashion has truly become day-to-day all over the world to almost everybody.

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In the information age and with a much globalized world society, fashion has transformed in its outlook and concept as it starts to personifying many varieties of elements of different cultures. For example, in the 1980’s jeans had taken over youth lifestyle not only in the U.S. but also in other countries especially East Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Now American styles are no longer the benchmark as designers of various ethnic background integrate their own overview into their design. Additionally, within this much globalized world, ethnic culture is no longer the only element that affect the trend in fashion as it did many years ago. Now folks are directed by taste, lifestyle, and experiences.

Alexander Wang’s simple power women’s look has won many fans of minimalism. Thus, it is possible the fashion’s movement will more closely invoke people’s lifestyle and social trends.

Today fashion has evolved to embody personal brand. Everyone’s unique style can be called his or her fashion. Punk style was originally the styles of socially discontented youth’s, now it has been taken up even by couture designers. Decades ago fashion had it standard rules such as how men and women should wear. Today fashion is not strictly dictated by gender. Today there has emerged a new class of fashion called unisex in which clothing lines can be worn by both sexes.

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This type of fashion has been tremendously popular given greater equality between women and men. Women now have more choices than before. Not only adults, but children now have their own fashion. They mimicked what the adults wear and children’s fashion has also been extensively commercialized. Due to this fact children’s fashion is now greatly affected by adult fashion. Many adult designer brands also have a children’s line that follow the adult trends closely.

Fashion styles have been changed so that it allowed more freedom of choices. The price of fashion has also been altered. Before fashionable clothing meant high prices. Now a fashionable piece of clothing doesn’t need to be expensive. Brands such as Forever 21, J. Crew, Target clothing and etc. offer couture style clothing with very affordable prices. Simply put price doesn’t equate to good style or good fashion any more.

Fashion has fundamentally evolved-not only the concept of fashion, but also the price and accessibility as well.


Source by Jerric Chong


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