Body shape and color analysis are two substantial elements which plays a significant function when picking an outfit. It bears merits to get in the habit of choosing an attire based ones body type. Therefore, when it concerns the development of one’s wardrobe, the whole procedure does not only involves the latest fashion style and trends but it also has a lot more to do with one’s choices according to physique.

Clothing should flatter a person’s body shape, hairstyle, complexion and personality. A correct wardrobe is a mix of the newest patterns along with a variety of classic pieces which are at par to the distinct qualities of an individual’s style and personality. Knowing the exact way to dress is to find out the precise body type one possesses.

Knowing the Physique

Male physiques have much fewer variations as compared to female bodies. The secret to this issue is to understand your body shape and learn the various ways to enhance it.

The Block Guy

The upper body of this person takes the shape of a rectangle. Block guy gets this name because there is an obvious distinction in the width of shoulders and chests area as compared to the width of the hips and waist.

Suitable Attire: The primary aim is to add shape where there is not proper shape to begin with. When selecting outfits, one can select well placed prints and colors which will enhance the upper part of the body. One should purchase regular cut jackets and blazers to add some additional weight to the shoulders.

The Mighty Male

Photo by Jasper Graetsch on Unsplash

Body shape of this type consist of broad chest and shoulders, while at the same time the hips are a bit narrower. There is a noteworthy distinction between the upper and lower part of the body.

Appropriate Attire: For a guy with such a body, the goal is to focus attention to the hips thereby minimizing attention to the upper part of the body. One can wear V-neck shirts and regular t-shirts which makes the chest appear to be a bit narrower. For the lower part of the body, it is perfect to wear trousers and tapered jeans. Avoid using skinny leg cut pants which make the upper half of the body appear more broader.

The Contented Foodies

Photo by Keith Johnston on Unsplash

The body shape of this individual is much like an inverted triangle. The chest and shoulders are narrower in comparison to the hips consequently making the lower half of the body a bit bigger than the upper area.

Suitable Attire: For contented foodies, clothes is an opportunity whereby one can fix the body’s apparent imbalance. It is good to opt for streamlined cuts and lively colors. One can use shirts and t-shirts of polo necks and narrow crew necks designs as they tend to make the shoulder look a bit narrower. For the lower part of the body, try to use trousers that are of a straighter leg design.

Clothes can plays a significant role when it come to enhancing the looks of a person appearance. However, before deciding on a proper attire it is advised to think about a number of specific elements pertaining to specific body style, type and character.



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